Utah Neuropsychological Services
Child, Adolescent, and Adult Neuropsychology

Utah Neuropsychological Services provides comprehensive mental health services across Utah. Dr. James Knorr has extensive training and experience completing neuropsychological and psychological evaluations for clients ranging from toddlerhood through adulthood. Dr. Knorr provides cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, play therapy, and neurofeedback to alleviate broad concerns. Consultation is also provided to connect the home to community services, the school, and employers.


Utah Neuropsychological Services provides a range of neuropsychology services, therapeutic interventions, and consultation

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Utah Neuropsychological Services serves clients from early childhood to geriatric populations with a broad range of mental health needs

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About Dr. Knorr

Dr. James Knorr is a licensed psychologist who provides a range of psychological and neuropsychological services. He is a published author and serves on the board of several committees.

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